“Single-room bar owners without employees can ignore the ban scheduled to take effect on Feb. 15 until a final ruling, the Constitutional Court of Rhineland-Palatinate in Koblenz said in a ruling posted on its Web site. The bars in the meantime will have to post a sign designating them as smoking bars.” How indulgent! The reported eighty per cent of pig smoker bar patrons may be accommodated temporarily provided that members of the Master Race are suitably warned to stay out of the filthy pig pens.

The court deferred final judgement on this case, filed based on the objection that single-room locales could not practicably provide segregated rooms for smoker pigs, placing the small bars at a disadvantage to larger bars which are legally providing such designated sties.

At the same time the court “rejected a complaint brought by a smoker that the ban impinges on his personal liberty and unfairly targets tobacco consumption and not alcohol and air pollution.”

We temperately applaud (one can hardly rave about) the bar owners’ success in gaining some time. We deplore the regime which has forced these people to beg indulgence to operate normally and which persists in using smokers as a scapegoat and a target for sadistic vilification and hatred.

We suggest that the Rhineland bar owners make good use of their reprieve, as an opportunity to join in spirit (and in action when necessary) the organized pan-Germanic movement of massive and open defiance of the ban, which has the intent of toppling the Health Reich. The Reich will continue to expand its forceful and ferocious oppressions until it is forcefully and ferociously destroyed.



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