This is funny, but it is also dead serious. Dear smoking ladies, do you have the misfortune of living with a non smoker who has embraced the fanatical antismoking religion? Don’t go on the balcony to smoke in apologetic shame – that’s the wrong attitude! Don’t quit, don’t give in and don’t get out – get even! There is no need to understand the language to watch this hilarious short video that, in a few seconds, teaches you exactly how to train your antismoking man.

Antismokers are like dogs: while they can provide useful company at times, they are not endowed with sufficient intelligence to understand higher concepts such as truth, fairness, equality and logic, and they act purely on instincts such as fear and aggression. Although they respond to short sounds (i.e.: “smoking kills”, or “stinks”), they don’t really understand the meaning.

They are, however, responsive to associations – and that’s exactly what this smoking lady does to train her antismoking husband.

Light up a cigarette, enjoy and… learn!



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