The residents of Moscow celebrated the World No-Tobacco Day, smoking more than usual. This piece is from Novosti, a Russian News & Information Agency.

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko. Russians smoked as usual or even more on the World No-Tobacco Day last May 31.

The article also reports that:

"According to statistics, 65 percent of men and 30 percent of women smoke in Russia. Some 63 percent of non-adults are smokers. Each second pregnant woman smokes. In the age group of 16 to 17 years, 67.7 percent of boys are smokers, and the share of smoking girls is relatively the same".

Based on the western culture promoted by junk science and supported by pharmaceutical companies, one should deduce that lung carcinoma must be a number one killer in Russia. But is it?


A cohort analysis conducted by the Centre for Demography and Human Ecology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia and the European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK, arrived to the following conclusion:

"Age standardised death rates from lung cancer in the Russian Federation, have been rising since at least 1965, levelled out in the late 1980s and have subsequently decreased. The reasons for this decline are not apparent".

Had there been an actual decline of smoking in Russia, you can rest assured that the decrease of lung cancers would have been immediately attributed to the decline of smoking, because "everybody knows" that it is "scientifically established" (in a pig’s eye!) that "smoking causes" lung cancer. Since smoking has not declined, then the "reasons for this decline are not apparent."

Let’s light up a smoke and toast to the Russian smokers!

На здоровье, Na sdarovie!



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