Note our companion story today on a junk study which reluctantly concluded no relationship between smoking and breast cancer. Smokers get no more breast cancer than anybody else does, a recurring headache for fear-mongers, but now a Kentucky plastic surgeon puts the fear wagon back on course with a first-ever junk study on ‘saggy breasts.’

Male or female, and pretty much head to toe, the truth is we tend to ‘sag’ a bit with age. This is the primary ‘revelation’ plastic surgeon Brian Rinker comes to regarding questionnaire analyses of his breast augmentation patients.

Rinker also notes a pregnancy effect (based on comparison with all of seven per cent of patients who never got pregnant, but this is wholly junk, so let’s not quibble over details), no breast-feeding effect (fitting nicely with current Healthist demands), and that smokers (surprise!) may risk droopy knobs.

The propaganda for breast-feeding (a forceful Healthist diktat of late) seems the central purpose of this non-scientific worthlessness. That’s the cake here – why this was written and published – with baseless criticism of smoking pasted on as a bit of frosting.

That’s the agenda. It answers any other quibbles you might think of. Why didn’t Rinker report about drinking? Booze is on the prohibition back burner for now. Are women who seek out artificial breast augmentation typical of the population at large? Is their ‘body-image’ perception typical too? Probably not, and all the better that, for asking subjective questions to arrive at preconceived conclusions.

Junk aside, the plain truth is, if you don’t die first you’re going to grow older, and sag. ‘You’re not getting older you’re getting better’ may apply to some; we have noted for instance that smoker Jamie Lee Curtis looks mighty fine all over in middle age; come to think of it smoker Jane Russell seemed to ‘hold up’ pretty well too, and is still doing so by the way, at age eighty-six. Life ain’t so bad – once again putting Anti aside – so cheer up, ladies, and by all means smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.



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