Even the experienced fighter against antitobacco may have hard time to believe this, but it is true.

If you want to have a dimension of the dark ignorance and superstition that antismoking propaganda feeds on and creates, you ought to read this piece from West Virginia. Calling it hilarious would be an understatement. Of all the brutal ignorance and dishonest mind piloting by the ruthless healthist cult, this takes the prize – and we quote! … Ready?…

“Patty Deutsch told of her brother, a 61-year-old non-smoker, who had a kidney removed due to his exposure to second-hand smoke while working in the hospitality industry. ‘Thank you for your strength,’ she told board members.”

Are you through laughing? Ok, now you can cry. This is what public health ideology has done to America. Salem, Massachusetts, 1692? No, Montgomery, West Virginia, 316 years later.

Nothing has changed. Just the witches.



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