They take crime seriously in Union City Georgia as one McDonald’s employee discovered after cooling her heels in jail.

While the report from the crime lab has yet to be received, the burger flipper has learned a sad lesson about life in these United States where hysteria and health scares set the agenda at all levels of society.

Her crime was to spill some salt on a burger. Rather than calling in the Haz Mat team she callously upended the burger and let gravity take its course. Too bad for her not enough salt fell to the floor and the tainted burger was prepared, sold and made its way into the stomach of a cop. The excess salt sickened him, so he said, and he rushed back to the scene of the crime. The 20-year old employee was charged with reckless conduct and conducted to jail.

Does this brief news item omit any crucial information? We hope so, although the main point that oversalting a burger is regarded as a crime remains intact. Whether a history between perp and cop explains the shockingly harsh treatment meeted out to the McDonald’s worker is irrelevant since the pretext that resulted in her arrest was the oversalting of a hamburger, an "offense" that couldn’t exist in a land where justice reigns.



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