Since Michael Siegel’s recent study on the ethics of antismoking groups there has been an echo of denunciations from a variety of media outlets. We connect with Siegel’s blog for further details.

Where do we draw the line? This is a classic question that the antitobacco cartel never wants to answer, and we know the reason: antitobacco does not want any line drawn. It wants what it wants by any and all means. The purpose of antitobacco is to implode the cigarette market while exploding the pharmaceutical cessation market; and if that means breaking any rule in the book regarding science, ethics, or morality, so be it.

There are still people who don’t accept that unbounded concept although they are against smoking – and Siegel is one of them. Thank you, Dr. Siegel, for your call to principles: we may often stand on different platforms regarding smoking issues but we are indeed on the same side of the "fence" in demanding ethics and integrity. There is a line. It was ignored, and obscured by antitobacco fanatics, who ran roughshod over it decades ago. It’s time to draw the line again, clear and bold this time, back where it belongs.



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