Radio talkmeister Rush Limbaugh has reported the "lifting of the Santa Cruz smoking ban… for a medical marijuana smoke-in in the park" as we also have done on the FORCES page. David, a loyal reader, offers his personal take on the situation.

RUSH: Santa Cruz, California. They’ve got a smoking ban out there. You can’t smoke in public parks. However, they’re going to lift the ban in Santa Cruz.

They’re going to make an exception to the no-smoking ban. "The smoking ban, less than two years old, will be lifted temporarily for medical marijuana users to medicate at San Lorenzo Park during next week’s Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana annual festival."

They’re going to lift the smoking ban for five hours during the smoke-in for medical marijuana.

DAVID: Just incredible. Do you know that mere possession of tobacco is a crime in Santa Cruz parks punishable by a $100 fine and confiscation of the tobacco from you? That’s what I’m told!

However — since the powers that be are "progressive" hypocrites — they have lifted their ban for one sky-high afternoon so smokers of "medical marijuana" can lounge around and smoke dope in the park with their blessing.

Now I have nothing against marijuana or marijuana smokers or smoke — some do — but I do know that many, many marijuana smokers are dead-set against tobacco of any and all sorts — and why? — I say because it advances the cause of "medical" marijuana instead.

"Medical marijuana dispensaries" dot the landscape in California, especially San Francisco, and advertisements galore appear in local papers for flea-bag medical facilities that write up cash-on-the-barrel prescriptions for headaches, depression, most anything.

You have to wonder if the marijuana growers of California and other warm climate western states might be keen on making tobacco illegal and marijuana legal — in order to increase the economic benefits for their own states.

Anyhow they sell plenty in California and the nuts who run Santa Cruz sanctify marijuana smokers. These marijuana smokers are supposed to be selfless saints allowed to "medicate" with their politically correct cigarettes.

Progressives? Saints? Hypocrites!



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