Haven’t you learned yet that the "dangers" of smoking are a fraud? Help the children, smoke more! Want to join those who help the children? Take up smoking!

This video illustrates very well the disordered contradiction of a society that is going insane, and demonstrates that Healthism is a real mass psychosis as opposed to the virtual "epidemics" of "expanding" obesity, "incorrigible" smoking, "escalating" binge-drinking, and so on.

The "therapeutic" taxes on smoking are supposed to curb smoking, a no-holds-barred priority, because "smoking kills" millions, although it’s impossible to demonstrate scientifically that even one person has been killed by it.

Then taxes on cigarettes are used to provide money for essential services such as child care (which is supposed to have a reliable and steady cash inflow) while the product is officially targeted for elimination.

It follows that smokers are "encouraged" (now, that’s a joke!) to quit to save their lives, while they are supposed to smoke ever more to save the children. The video simply follows this demented logic.

SCHIP financing via tobacco taxation presently lies in abeyance thanks to a presidential veto which has so far held up against attempted override.

This time American smokers have been lucky, and they can keep on smoking to enjoy life without having to pay for the care of children – including those of their enemies.

Have no doubt, however, that – unless and until the fanatical Healthist mentality is exorcised – "they" will keep trying, with SCHIP, with a thousand other rip-offs and humiliations directed against non-conformists to Healthism.

Next time smokers may not be so lucky. The time after that, the sedentary, the overweight, sooner and later all the many targets of the Health Reich, will taste its infinitely bitter wrath.



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