There seem to be more versions of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) health care expansion than revisions of Broadway musicals undergoing emergency re-writes in the provinces.

Joining in the chorus of demands that President Bush sign a huge expansion of a program designed for the children of poor, uninsured parents are some allegedly conservative mouthpieces who apparently, and wilfully, cannot see that growing SCHIP on the backs of one group of Americans, the smokers, is a recipe for financial disaster. Beyond that is the glaring unfairness meted out to a targeted group of citizens whose only purpose seems to be cash cow to the special interests and scape goat to the social engineers fronting for the pharmaceutical industry.

Norman Kjono continues his coverage of the SCHIP saga, focusing on the deceptive justification being summoned up to pressure the president into signing a monstrous bill that will expand the state without delivering the goods.



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