‘A June 30 solicitation from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, seeking support from constituents for the proposed FDA tobacco legislation sought by Philip Morris, suggests once again that the legislation is supported by Big Tobacco and that supporting the legislation is therefore fighting Big Tobacco.’

Michael Siegel keeps us informed on the deception used by Tobacco Free Kids to support the FDA regulation of cigarette production. TFK’s campaign is based on the usual indemonstrable deaths and disease along with the usual emotional appeals such as:
“E-champions described how loved ones’ lives were tragically cut short because of deadly tobacco addictions. Grandparents and parents missed weddings, graduations and births due to tobacco-related deaths. Has your life been impacted by tobacco use?” Actually, our life has been impacted by antitobacco abuse – an outrageous wrong that must be made right. And grandparents and parents eventually always miss weddings, graduations and births (especially when they are old) because people die – although antismoking frauds seem truly immortal.
One closer look must be given to what is going to happen soon. Philip Morris is right behind the FDA regulation of cigarettes – and fully on board the antismoking confidence racket train. Why? Here is a short, step-by-step summation:

Philip Morris had a big part in the writing of the law proposal.
Once the FDA regulates cigarettes, ALL the responsibilities of the presumed and never demonstrated “tobacco-related” deaths will be on FDA’s shoulders.
The rest of the tobacco industry opposes the FDA regulation because PM is far ahead of the rest of the industry in the research for a safer cigarette. One proof is this 350 million dollar investment, described with the usual stupid and incompetent antismoking rhetoric in this poorly written article that, however, has been printed in several high-profile financial publications.
After PM has developed the safer cigarette, it will have an edge on the competition. Remember: industries would “kill” for a market share point! And in the case of the cigarette market, one market share point means very many millions of dollars a year return.
The FDA will have no choice but to approve a “safer” cigarette. And since people are inebriated with authority, once such an “authority” DOES say that the cigarette is safer (because it is in charge and it has to show that “it’s doing something”), the public WILL believe it because – let’s face it – foolishness is a common human characteristic. One word from “authority” is worth a library of contrary scientific evidence. The false words of Surgeon General Carmona on passive smoke are proof.
But HOW will the FDA know that the cigarette is safer? After all, the FDA is mainly a parasitic, bureaucratic entity that costs American taxpayers billions in exchange for the illusion of safety. Many other countries have nothing like the FDA, but drugs save (or kill) lives just in the same amount than in the US.
The FDA will “know” because there will be methodology and procedures to “establish” that the new cigarette is “safer”. But where will those procedures come from? From Philip Morris, of course, because the FDA bureaucrats quite bluntly do not know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to tobacco technology, that PM has mastered for a century.
Why would FDA trust PM? Because PM has been in bed with the antismoking cons while divesting itself of all responsibilities and put them on the back of the FDA. The FDA will work with PM in exchange for adopting the PM-“suggested” (actually established) standards. The standards, of course, will be set to exclude any product of the competition unless made in the same way, and will effectively suffocate the development of a truly better cigarette through competition.
To make the mandated cigarettes in the same way, the competition will have to use the technology (proprietary, of course) of PM – hence heavy a duty licensing system that will make more billions for PM. That is how Big Industry, since time immemorial, has used the idiots of Big Bureaucracy and Big Government to its advantage. The irony is that, the bigger governments become, the more the bureaucracy grows — and the more incompetent bureaucrats turn to Big Industry for knowledge. This process inevitably leads to Fascism, and the price is freedom.

It is all a manoeuvre of PM to fool antitobacco, smokers, competition and “authorities” in one single, slick pass. Marionettes such as Tobacco-Free Kids, the Cancer Society, the Lung Association and many others bozos are used for the purpose while being fed big $$$ in this adult game.
What does that have to do with health? Nothing – or very little. But it sure has all to do with politics and market shares.
We are no friends of Philip Morris – a company that does not hesitate to promote antitobacco’s scientific frauds and that allows "public health" to promote hatred of its own customers for its own ends. But we have to congratulate PM for demonstrating the stupidity of “public health” for all time, in a way that not even Machiavelli could conceive of. And all this is right in the face of an incredible reality: not one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking. This is a reality so incredible, in fact, that we are the only ones who regularly talk about it.



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