Scientists Shocked After E Cig Test Results!!!

The new study was published in “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” and showed what exactlyis hiding in ecig vapor compared to the contents of cigarette smoke. Scientists ran tests on three flavors of Blu ecigs and two flavors of SKYCigs. They also tested Marlboro Golds and Lambert & Butler cigarettes. Finally, they tested the ordinary room air as a baseline to use as they compared E Cig Test Results.

The researchers specifically looked for 8 toxins in this study: carbon monoxide, carbonyls, phenolics, volatiles, metals, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, polyaromatic amines, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. It was no surprise that tobacco cigarette smoke was full of poisonous chemicals. But researchers were shocked to see that the toxins in ecigarette vapor were quite similar to the normal toxins found in regular room air. In fact, there was no major increase in toxins between normal air and ecig vapor.

Instead of deadly toxins, the ecig vapor only contained propylene glycol, water, and small traces of flavoring and nicotine additives.



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