More interference into our most private place is planned by the same social engineers who brought you the anti-tobacco jihad.
Cashing in on the hysteria over the global warming hoax and other ecological scams, "activists" plan to decree what sort of toilet paper Americans will be allowed to buy and use. They broke down the bathroom door some time ago when they limited the amount of water everyone’s toilet could utilize to flush waste into the sewer. Few are happy with the result of this micro-management of personal preferences as millions of people must flush the toilet twice or even thrice to clear out the bowl. Now the fanatics escalate from control of the apparatus to the human body itself. Soft toilet tissue must be eradicated.

Millions of trees in North and South America are harvested, in part to supply Americans with the toilet paper they prefer. The key word here is "harvested." While millions may be cut down over a period of time each tree harvested is replaced by a new planting, a fact that is not specifically spelled out in the article linked with below by its credulous New York Times "reporter". Lumber, wood, paper and tissue paper are renewable products, or in the jargon of the eco-freaks, sustainable. Irrelevant, proclaim the arbiters of toilet hygiene.

"No forest of any kind should be used to make toilet paper," declares an expert with the Natural Resource Defense Council. Why not? No coherent answer is forthcoming but a multitude of "progressive" shibboleth are spattered throughout the story, the most prominent being that Europeans and Latin Americans cheerfully use the scratchy toilet tissue made from recycled paper, although not in terribly higher numbers than the spoiled Americans. Obviously Americans must be disciplined first, then the Europeans.

These days special interests and their yes-boys in Washington, DC are on a roll in regulating private behavior. Already high-flow toilets are illegal and in a few short years the reliable and popular incandescent light bulb will become contraband as a tactic to fight non-existent global warming. People will complain weakly about the scratchy toilet paper but will continue to send the same dullards to Washington who represent fashionable special interest groups instead of the taxpayers who pay for it all.



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