Amongst its many very bad habits ‘lifestyle epidemiology’ employs ‘data dredge’ to scrape up scary-looking stuff. The addicted number-bogglers, perfectly oblivious to their own sickness, are intent upon labelling every human pleasure as sick, bad, and in need of their control.

They crave your fear. They demand your obedience. In blind pursuit of these, they will trample over anything, and anybody, that stands in their way. In particular, they detest all principles of scientific integrity, and of human dignity.

We link below with an article on the subject of heart disease. When it suits a given epidemiologist he will blame the same heart afflictions (already madly attributed as ‘caused by smoking’) as ‘caused by diet.’ Picking through piles of statistical putridity is all it takes to come up with the desired Antitruth of the moment.

The intrepid expert Sandy Szwarc provides typically excellent commentary in this piece at her junkfoodscience blog. Take the few minutes necessary to read this article, with additional notations, through from top to bottom. You will enjoy it.

Ms. Szwarc’s analysis is assured. Her references make another point clear. Despite the fierce efforts of empowered Healthist ideologues to suppress all dissent, denunciations of their grave lunacy are by no means lacking, from both within and without the scientific community.



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