Dr. Gagliano comments on one of the latest products of antismoking junk science propaganda. Informed FORCES readers already know that the decline in heart attacks following smoking bans is a statistical fraud each time you hear about it, and no matter where it is from. This statistical fraud is denounced every time by a variety of parties, including scientists, doctors, and knowledgeable columnists.

This, however, never slows the production of this trash, even a little bit, and every researcher or government that adopts the fraudulent methodology involved evinces corruption and incompetence. With all of the complaints, debunking, and denunciation going on around the world regarding this infinitely repeated travesty, it is by now impossible to conceive that health authorities and the mass media are acting in good faith when they report a decrease in heart attacks due to smoking bans.

It follows that the health authorities and institutions that produce and promote this hogwash are knowingly and deliberately conning the taxpayers out of their hard-earned money in exchange for fraud and false information. Fraud is a criminal offence in every country in the world, yet it goes on and on, with politicians and law enforcement entities just looking the other way.

This can only be explained by a perversion and inversion of ideology in a "defective" jurisprudential system rotten with corruption: public fraud is OK when the excuse is public health. This scary weakening of ethics and morality calls for immediate political attention. Never mind what you think about smoking: when false information and scientific fraud become the way to govern, it is silly to believe that it is solely confined to the field of public health, which is bad enough in itself. Cons belong in jail — not in politics, and certainly not in public health institutions.



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