There is no need to write a lot to answer the questions that Michael Siegel asks from his blog. On the issue of the “New York county legislator seeking to ban smoking outdoors because it sets a bad example”, Siegel asks:

“Are we going to outlaw eating French fries in public because it sets a bad example to children regarding a healthy diet? Are we going to outlaw severely overweight people from public parks because they set a bad example for children? What about teenagers who have babies? Should they be banned from public parks because it sets a bad example for children?”

The answer is "yes".

Just let the Leviathan that “public health” has become do its job. Obey smoking bans. Give in. Go on holidays instead of fighting for your freedom. Do not challenge authority; instead, believe all of its assertions. Mumble and comply. Hope that the whole thing is just a passing fad. Hide when you smoke, be afraid and be ashamed.

And remember, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.



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