Here is the great discovery: "drug cravings can be ‘switched off’ by shutting down a key part of the brain." So you should kill your brain to satisfy those who prefer non-smoking to living and to thinking? Keep on smoking or you’ll become like them.

No kidding, folks. These "scientists" want to shut down parts of our brains to get us off cigarettes, which, of course, they lump together with all drugs. This is not the first time we’ve read of this kind of nonsense in recent years. Of course, the idea is that, one day, the technology will be fine enough to shut down "just the right parts" so that you can stop being an "addict," that is, stop enjoying cigarettes, life, and pleasure. No thanks!

Of course this is not to be taken lightly, because we are talking about "public health" institutions that believe so much of their own BS that they have gone fanatic. Not for the first time: recall atrocious lobotomy (the developer of which received a Nobel Prize) and eugenics (the Holocaust science which had worldwide popularity and also created the bases of today’s "lifestyle epidemiology.") If you are inclined to think of "health advisors" as wise or kindly, remember that Marcus Welby was a fictional character, but Josef Mengele was perfectly real.

Remembering these things, the humor dries out, from stories of mad doctors who want to play with people’s brains and lives. If such anti-brain-anti-smoking technology becomes available soon, the torment of smokers will become total, and there would be no surprise if such a form of lobotomy becomes "compulsive therapy." Coerced eugenic sterilization and coerced lobotomy were by no means restricted to Germany in the previous "progressive" era.

Taking executive power away from "public health" is a paramount political and social issue for these times.



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