We’ve only just begun the new year and already a junk study howler has been released that eloquently melds lunacy with ingrained prejudice.

Calling a poor driver a "woman driver" is not, so it seems, a slur against 50 percent of the population. Woman are really and truly worse drivers than men! A study says so and in an audacious twist confirms that gay men are really girly men after all, since they are as inept as the women drivers.

One really can’t find a legitimate point for conducting this study. Certainly it is junk and insurance rates for women and gay men will not rise based upon the researchers’ conclusions. What will happen is that this "seed" study will, if the researchers are clever, perhaps working in the smoking angle somehow, result in increased funding to study a phenomenon that is completely irrelevant to health, even though the money undoubtedly will come from the huge pile of cash that is devoted to "health care." No wonder health systems throughout North America and Europe are going broke.



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