…I woke up this morning thinking that I am free.

This is an interesting protest song, well representing the rude awakening from the great illusions that we took so much for granted: the illusion to be free, that of owning our bodies, that of being able to lead our lives as we see fit, and express ourselves and our personality publicly as we see fit.

We took that for granted because, literally, rivers of blood were poured to establish those freedoms. Millions died – and those were not virtual computer deaths, but actual bodies on the battlefield. We thought it was settled. Once again, we were all mistaken.

Freedom is immortal, but its enemies never die. When defeated, they lurk underground waiting for a way to emerge again. Yesterday’s enemies of freedom wore black shirts, those of today white coats. But their spirit is the same: oppression and control.

That spirit comes from a deeply rooted belief: that people are too stupid to handle their own affairs, too weak to resist "temptation" and to own their lives; and too unwise to choose their values on their own. It is the eternal battle between good and evil – and good is the side you stand on, no matter which one.

This song, written by Dreamflower, reminds us that no condition is stable, that everything changes; that yesterday’s liberty is today’s sin. But the deeper message almost has to be decoded for those who believe that smoking and liberty are yesterday’s things. As it is illogical to assume that any condition remains stable no matter what price was paid to achieve it, then the prohibition and corruption we are experiencing cannot be stable either, no matter what price the enemies of truth and freedom pay to achieve it, and regardless of their means.

That in turn means that truth and freedom can overturn prohibition and evil in spite of what it seems, and regardless of the powers behind evil. In the last analysis, all it takes is to stop crying – and make it so.

Silly you to believe otherwise.

Happy listening.



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