We are glad to present six new lovely videos by Phil Williams, impersonating the Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League: three of these today, three more coming Monday.


Phil Williams as himself

The Minister of Propaganda of the Antimusic League
The Emblem of the Antismoking League

The crooked antismoking epidemiologist
The Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League

These videos are inspired by a recent article which appeared in the journal Tobacco Control, an adjunct publication of the British Medical Journal. The article expresses concerns about the use of the terms “Health Nazis" or "Nicotine Nazis" – terms that have shown up in some media – to describe the antismoking cons.

There is no question that the Tobacco Control crusade has embraced a vast amount of the Nazi ideology, propaganda methods, and value system. The Nazi state always put "public health" as the highest value of society.

Many in the public, along with Tobacco Control activists themselves, display an obdurate unwillingness to recognize the glaring identity of too many TC traits with the Nazi ideology. This will be the issue of an upcoming FORCES treatise in response to the Stanton Glantz – Nick Schneider article published in Tobacco Control.

Today we present the first three of these hilarious video satires. The other three will be posted this coming Monday.

Please note that the anthem used by Mr. Williams to introduce these videos is the current German anthem. The music is the same as that used by the Nazis but the main verse is not. Sensitivity on this issue caused some delay in publication. Mr. Williams wrote to us assuring that the incongruity was purely unintentional and certainly not meant to offend his good German friends. Our colleagues at FORCES Germany saw no problem with that, so here are the videos.

1 – Tasting Their Own Medicine – The Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League gets a taste of his own medicine.

2 – Stanton’s Guilty Secret – Poor Stanton whines along with the Minister of Propaganda about being called a Nazi.

3 – Spoofing The Bigots – Stanton continues to trouble the Minister of Propaganda about being called a Nazi by a “certain guy on the Internet on a personal vendetta.”

Light up a cigarette and enjoy!…



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