We are glad to present a new Round Table on a hot topic that is a standard of the antismoking tactics. Is FORCES (and other organizations that fight smoking bans and antitobacco) paid by the tobacco industry?

Some of the serious implications of the libel and slander routinely used by Tobacco Control to discredit its opposition are examined in this discussion, hosted by Maryetta Ables, with two Canadian guests: Iro Cyr and Dan Romano, both from C.A.G.E.

Although about fifty minutes long, this debate explores just some of the intricacies and motivations behind this approach by “public health”; an approach that spares no one – including dissenting tobacco control advocates such as Michael Siegel – to the end of creating a belief (smoking, in all its aspects, “kills”) that absolutely cannot stand logical and scientific scrutiny, and substitutes reason with emotions. Unfortunately, appealing to emotions to advance repression and control agendas is commonplace today; but nowhere are emotions greater than around the tobacco issue.

How to adequately counter the all-out ad hominem attacks by tobacco control? By fighting fire with fire. This is one of the aspects explored in this Round Table, along with the media complicity with the Big Pharma program and the social engineering set out by the United Nations.

Happy listening – and don’t forget the smokes, the fries and a pint of beer.



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