A piece published by the New Scientist convinced us that it is not worth wasting the money to subscribe to this magazine and read the rest of the article. It is the usual antismoking propaganda. The New Scientist may be good for astronomy and computers but it is also a carrier of antismoking ideology and “public health” trash. This is not the first time we’ve seen this. The New Scientist tells us, when it comes to smoking, we have to believe only the “big brains” that are paid off by Big Pharma, or those of the “public health” bureaucracy — although a bureaucrat with big brains is as common as a thief with solid moral principles.

Here is the rationale which is not new at all. Are you defending the right to smoke, drink, eat? Well, you are paid off by the evil industries, of course! Do you bring inescapable arguments of philosophy, sociology, and economy to demonstrate that antitobacco and "public health" are fraudulent and disastrous social policy? Have you dared demonstrating your intelligence above and beyond the retarded message “smoking/drinking/eating kills”, that the pinheaded micro-brains of “public health” deliver? Then you are evil, just like Big Tobacco, for it is well known: “In an attempt to win hearts and minds, the tobacco companies bankrolled a network of economists, philosophers and sociologists.”

If you are against prohibition you are evil and corrupt. So say the "big brains" who can think no further than that. The intent of the antismoking propaganda bastards is to make you think that no scientist, sociologist, philosopher, or economist would say that antitobacco is wrong if they were not paid to do so. In short, that they don’t really believe what they write, and that what they write is not true and it must not be believed because it has been paid for by the tobacco industry. We all know that 2+2 does not equal 4 if the tobacco industry is involved.

So it is not true that smoking bans cause economic devastation. It’s a lie that antitobacco fosters hatred between smokers and non-smokers and an untruth that they celebrate every manifestation of hate against smokers. Never believe that smoking cessation “therapies” do not work, and absolutely, positively don’t think that liberty includes smoking! That is also a manufactured deception. Liberty kills, unless it is “liberty from” (smoking and smokers.) Liberty is a rotten concept created by those wealthy tobacco farmer bastards who wrote the US Constitution. Hence the Constitution is not credible because it was written by colonial-era Big Tobacco.

The fact that those “brains” believe what they say and also make money in doing so is irrelevant, because tobacco money is absolute dirt and a “real” big brain would tell you that “smoking kills” and that prohibition and statistical fraud are, respectively, “liberation,” and “science." Big Pharma money, prohibitionist grant money, money stolen from smokers: this cash is "pure" and spawns only truth. Of course, the “big brains” that are paid from such sources — that is, 90% of the antitobacco criminal enterprise — must be believed without hesitation because their money is clean and proper. We all know the impeccable rectitude of the pharmaceutical industry as well as its complete objectivity and lack of eagerness to sell its products. All one has to do to believe that is to turn on his TV set.

Jim Giles (the author of this pathetic piece) is a joke and certainly the opposite of a big brain. How much has he (and the New Scientist) been "paid off" to tell us his “truth”? That’s the question always levelled at prohibitionist critics. Why not at the prohibitionists? It would be interesting to know. If big brains have been "paid off" by Big Tobacco, that might explain why those who feed at the Big Pharma trough are so characteristically cretinous, but the point is that plain sense stands on its own regardless of source or funding. Excess in nearly anything carries risk. Moderation is important, in all things, especially in thinking. Use your own head and you will dismiss the messages of the fanatical "health, safety, and environment" propaganda industry. This is one of the biggest, and by far the most daft, of all corrupt industries on Earth.



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