Smoke Free DC, and American’s for Nonsmokers Rights, have once again made fraudulent, slanderous remarks against us. They stated for the umpteenth time that we are a front for the tobacco industry, even though the ANR has documents posted on their website that says we are not. Smoke Free DC did remove the offensive remark but the ANR hasn’t.

The tobacco industry has never volunteered to fund us nor have we ever asked for money from the tobacco industry. If Forces was funded by major corporations the fight would be fairer. We would be in all 50 states lobbying against the anti-tobacco lobbyist who keep pushing and in some cases writing legislation for smoking bans.

Our resources are pithy compared to the hundreds of million dollars that the anti’s receive and spend each year. We rely on donations by individuals. If every smoker in America donated $5.00 to Forces we would be able to to do just that. If you haven’t donated recently, help us to continue our work. Smoking bans are not inevitable, the politicians just need to be educated and we can do that with your help.

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