International anti-smoking is printing little red books for Chinese indoctrination. The Chinese don’t want them, but do not doubt, the presses will keep rolling. Billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sprang for all the necessary ink.
The operators of one restaurant chain — called Meizhou Dongpo — were impressed with anti-smoking propaganda about the fantastic worldwide popularity of smoking bans.

There being no smoke-free restaurants whatever in Beijing, the inspired managers eagerly imposed prohibition in their outlets in October, and geared up for a torrent of smoker-hating patrons from across the populace city.

They didn’t come. Indeed patronage dropped about eighty per cent.

Bankrupted, the chain has closed, but trust this episode will not find its way into the indoctrination manuals, and trust that Chinese restaurant managers will universally adopt "smoke-free" policies soon.

International anti-smoking does not care what anybody thinks and it does not care what damage it does.

The managers of Meizhou Dongpo were dumb enough to believe what they read in the little red book. The rest will be forced to conform to the new Cultural Revolution just as Westerners were.

Truth is the book. Poverty is wealth. Obedience is freedom. So saith the Perfect Leaders of Healthism.



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