Health Nazis have been booted out of Atlantic City casinos for a year. Immediate is the whine: “When Atlantic City passed a law in April banning smoking on the gambling floor of all 11 casinos here, Liz String was relieved. The 26-year dealer at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City was counting the days until Oct. 15, when the law took effect.

But after less than two weeks of breathing clean air, String and other dealers could be back in the smoke as soon as Monday night.

"’We finally have clean air, which is our right, and they’re taking it away from us,’ String said. ‘I think we were betrayed.’"

Oohhh, poor Lizzy, what a pity!… She should quit her job immediately and relieve the environment of her unwelcome presence.

And then, something else: let’s reason like the anti bastards, for a moment.

WHAT right to “clean” air? Where is written in the Constitution that antismoking trash has the right to "smokefree" air? It is nowhere contemplated. Click here to read the Constitution and see if you can find a clause that states that non smokers have the “right” to “clean” (read: dirty with viruses and bacteria because the air exchangers are set to idle) air?

No one can argue with the point above. Why? Because it has been applied against smokers, with a grin, by all the antismoking trash in response to smokers’ pleas.

So shut up, Liz, and inhale our smoke. Too bad that is not going to hurt you. As a matter of fact, unfortunately, it’s what is going to keep you employed, for the devastating economic damage caused by the smoking ban would have, almost certainly, caused your lay-off – and that would have been the only measurable benefit of the ban.

Happy smoking – and gambling!



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