Using the passive smoking fraud, anti-liberty forces in Switzerland push prohibition big time. Fortunately, there is some good news. Now in Geneva you can smoke right in Tobacco Control’s face.

“Smokers in Geneva will be able to light up again in public buildings after the country’s supreme court reversed the canton’s smoking ban, in force since July 1.

The judgment puts a dent in the nationwide anti-smoking trend with voters in Zürich and Basel voting on Sunday in favour of more restrictive smoking regulations in line with existing practice in several other cantons.”

Yes, the ban was rejected on a technicality and not on the more solid scientific basis that the dangers of passive smoking are a scientific fraud intentionally promoted to de-socialize smokers, so that they quit a habit from which not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated.

This minor victory has shown yet again that when even a minority of individuals (“Several individuals had appealed against the legality of the ban.”) gets moving instead of just whining and complaining, things do change. What is desperately needed – everywhere – is that legal actions be taken directly against the fraudulent nature of Tobacco Control, which knowingly lies to the populations to advance a pharmaceutical agenda of prohibition.

For that reason alone Tobacco Control – everywhere – belongs in jail for its unprecedented subversion of moral and scientific standards.

Enough rhetoric: just smoke right in the face of Tobacco Control in Geneva!



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