FORCES Netherlands continues successfully to coordinate civil disobedience against the Dutch smoking ban.

“Dutch pub owners have launched a coordinated resistance against a smoking ban introduced in June, taking their ashtrays out of short-lived storage and pooling cash to pay the resultant fines. Thousands have joined groupings intent on countering the law seen by many as "un-Dutch" and patriarchal; approaching the courts for relief and daring authorities to try and stop their clients from lighting up.”

“Wiel Maessen of the anti-smoking ban association ‘Save the small horeca enterprise’ told AFP that at least 5,000 pubs countrywide still allowed their clients to smoke. ‘The idea is to get all 15,000 small pubs in the country to join our movement. Such a number would be impossible to police without this becoming a police state.’ "

Right on, Mr. Maessen! Coordinated disobedience hits at the core of the Health Fascism. It must always be remembered that Fascists do not care about justice, truth, complaints and even less about due democratic process. They don’t even care about your agreement or respect. They only care about you obedience.

The denial of obedience is what undoes Fascism – whether it is Fascism in the field of health or in any other field of behaviour control.

Keep on smoking right in the face of Tobacco Control. Disobey its laws. Make them impossible to enforce. Don’t waste time with reason: Fascists only respect force because it is the language that they speak. One can “reason” with Fascists only after demonstrating to them that one’s force is greater than theirs. Then a compromise can be found – but even that is an illusion, for Fascists do not accept compromises and peaceful coexistence, as those elements are not built in their ideology.

This means that Dutch “public health” will continue to push in the background – corrupting, blackmailing, intimidating, brainwashing and producing tons of false information to achieve its goal.

Not only does Fascism need to be kept in constant check without EVER lowering the guard for an instant; it needs to be dismantled at the foundations – or it will dismantle freedom and truth.



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