Prohibition increases consumption. That was one of the issues touched during the recent antiprohibition conference. Furthermore, prohibition based on scientific fraud and brainwashing increases consumption even more.

Such is the case in many countries. Such is the case in Honk Kong too. “Cigarette consumption in Hong Kong is up almost 14 percent since a smoking ban was introduced in the city two years ago, a news report said on Saturday. Government figures quoted by the South China Morning Post show that 3.79 billion cigarettes were bought in 2008, compared to 3.33 billion the previous year.”

It takes no expert to figure it out: those who feel excluded and stigmatized resent – and they express that resentment by persisting in the forbidden things even more. That also creates economic damage. Of course the antismoking bastards don’t want to understand that because, otherwise, they would stop cashing in on pharmaceutical and public money. So they pull another "solution" out of their hat, yet another failure around the world: increase tax on cigarettes.

It will not work. It has never worked. In all countries where it has been done, after a momentary flexion of about a month the sales of cigarettes come back to normal – or even increase in many cases. Hospitality business revenue certainly doesn’t increase but one other thing certainly does; contraband. The imbecile politicians, however, listen to antismoking operatives, who have damaged the state with lost revenues, rather than the taxpaying business people who are going broke.

All of that happens because people like to smoke and don’t believe “public health”, although most of them are cowardly enough not to rebel publicly. That is why Tobacco Control will eventually lose all over the world. And we will be there, waiting to smoke in its face and to put its con artists in jail – and no no-smoking option in the cells.



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