This piece in German brings us good news. Liechtenstein is a very small state in Europe and, although it is one of the very few states in the world that is not a WHO member, it enacted a total smoking ban a few months ago that went into effect in July.

But honesty, freedom and sanity have been quick to return in the absence of the influence of the nefarious World Health Organization. The parliament, pressured by the hospitality industry, has liberalized the prohibition. Restaurants are now allowed to have a separate room for smokers, and venues with just one room can get a permit for smoking.

To our eyes, that is still not completely satisfactory. First of all smoking is a right that harms no one, thus it should not be subject to any "permission", "exemption" or "licence". Second, on his private property, the owner must be free to establish his policy unilaterally and without "permissions" — and no, private property accessible to the public is not a public place because it is not a public property. A restaurant is not city hall!… In these dark times, however, a dignified separation of the sturdy smokers from the weak nonsmokers is a good sign of courtesy towards the disadvantaged!

We all now know where to go for a vacation: Liechtenstein, where fun and freedom go well together.



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