The Nazification of North Dakota received a resounding setback last February 20. People will still be able to smoke in bars. That is good news, but it’s not enough. Smoking is still forbidden almost everywhere else, and that is not acceptable.

Smoking bans are based on scientific fraud and on a public lie. Choice is eliminated by design. Business owners can’t choose their policy. Public places “belong” to non-smokers without any smoking areas, although smokers pay more taxes than non-smokers.

All that is wrong, and it must be rectified. Yes, smoke in their faces in North Dakota – but especially smoke where a corrupt law pushed by corrupt institutions says that you can’t. Disobedience is a good way to fight. Boycotting the business places that conform with the law is another. Drive them into the ground, as it is happening in the UK. Make as much damage as you can – that will attract the attention of lawmakers and politicians.

If the antismoking law is to be changed, it will not happen because of the consideration of rights, truth, and justice. It will happen because of force – political, economic, physical. Rights have never been earned with whining or petitions anytime in history. For more considerations on the use of numbers and force click here.

Link to the MSN article reporting the news (stored copy)

Freedom to Choose UK has the rest of the story and further comments (link at the bottom of this page).



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