One of the reasons politicians are usually in favour of smoking prohibition is because they think that they are acting in the interest of “public health”. That is because the politicians themselves have been conned by special interests.

The politicians do not know that there are two indisputable facts that our side knows well: 1) The “dangers” of passive smoking have never, ever been demonstrated; 2) Not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking.

Ignorant of these realities (or fanatical enough to ignore them), politicians completely disregard the plea and protests of much of their constituency (or only listen to the constituency that has been conditioned to hate smoking) and go ahead with prohibition. In the brain-damaged perception of democracy today, majority means ignoring the needs and desires of the minorities and, indeed, force the minorities to act like the majority, and also condition the minorities to think like the majority. Tragically, they do not realize that such form of “democracy” has a name: Fascism.

This scheme does not work all the times, fortunately as it is shown by this report from FORCES Germany.

The dominant party in Bavaria – the CSU – has been endowed by the voters with an absolute majority since 1962 and won a whopping 61% at the last election in 2003. Needless to say, the CSU has been the main advocate of the antismoking fraud and junk science, claiming to act in the interests of “public health” and also claiming to act on behalf of the “majority” – and of course, like all fanatical health Nazis, the CSU did not know when to stop, because the intellectually retarded “health advocates” cannot stop unless “perfect health” is reached for humanity (what a convenient excuse to get grants and power forever, eh?).

“The politically calm and to some extent even said to be apathetic Bavarians usually don’t get angry at their CSU leaders. But too much is too much. Smoking bans in their local Wirtshaus and next year in beer tents as well? Maybe even legislation on their beloved alcohol and food?”

The real “majority”, however, waited for the Nazis at the election poll and – for a change – the “public health” advocates got punished. Try this:

“The CSU lost 17,3 % of their votes, not just their worst result since 1954, but also the heaviest loss of a party in any German state election since 1950. … The Social Democrats, also proponents of the smoking ban, booked their worst result ever in post-war Bavaria, and the Green Party, the most fervent supporters of smoking bans, could not reach their electoral goals either.”

Now to the interesting part:

“Winners of the elections were the Free Democrats who had loudly opposed the smoking ban during the campaign, and the Free Voters who alsohad critized this measure. Both parties received about 10 % of the votes each.”

Read the rest of the details in the article. Well done, German smokers! Keep on smoking — right in their face.



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