As we know there is a strong counter-force in Germany against antismoking, and the health Nazi pigs there are suffering several defeats. In this article in English (stored copy) we can see that Bavaria is relaxing the smoking ban (it has done so already) on the grounds of “live and let live”. In itself, the “live and let live” philosophy is good enough, but in this case it is insufficient.

The smoking ban must be eliminated because the dangers of passive smoking are a fraud promoted by dishonest public health institutions that also are in dire need of being cleaned out. Since passive smoking hurts no one, there can be no ban. It is that simple. Those who have conned the public – whether activists, doctors, institutions or politicians – have committed a crime that has damaged millions, thus they deserve to be incarcerated for many years. That is also supremely simple to understand.

Once the ban is declared illegal because it is based on a scientific fraud and misrepresentations by health authorities (and after the cons get what they deserve) then the principle of property rights, where every business owner has the right to establish the smoking policy in his property, can be applied, making smokers and rational non-smokers equally happy. The anti-smoking fanatics, of course, can never be made happy. Even now with smoking bans ubiquitous throughout the world they are profoundly unhappy individuals.

So, it is not just a matter of “live and let live”. It is a matter of institutional corruption and, especially, of not letting the public health cons get away with fraud because, in that case, they will con us again at the first opportunity. Again, the institution is to be cleaned out.

Be that as it may, along with Bavaria other regions are getting rid of, or suspending, the Nazi law.

As this article in German indicates (stored copy) relates, the Sachsen Anhalt region has abolished the smoking ban in pubs and discotheques and in all those locales that have just one room, and thus it is physically impossible to create smoking and non smoking areas.

The High Court of the region has established that as long as there is no foundation upon which to base a prohibition, the ban is abolished. The minister of “health” in Sachsen Anhalt has, of course, criticized the decision stating that, in that way, a law to defend the health of the citizens will never come into force. The minister is demanding a clear response by the authorities that have abolished the prohibition.

The minister does not get it – we don’t know whether because he is dumb, incompetent or, more likely, a simple crook: there is no danger to the health of the citizens from passive smoking, thus there is no need for prohibition.

If the minister thinks that, by forbidding public smoking, the number of active smokers decreases because they will quit to obey the law, then he is wrong again, and in two ways. First because it is a proven fact that smokers don’t quit because of prohibition; the second error is that this person is trying to hold a job in a free country while he does not understand that, for ideological coherence, he should first subscribe to the neo-Nazi party, then demand a smoking ban.



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