Page Six Magazine, wherein the New York Post keeps track of all that’s trendy, tells us the city’s hot spots are truly smoking again.

The article, “Inside NYC’s Smoking Speakeasies”, has the usual snobby and sophomoric Page Six tone. However, just a tad of prudish complaint about smoking scofflaws appears, along with a smidgen of Anti propaganda about universal delight with the ban, amidst a general report of general disdain for Mayor Bloomberg’s pet prohibition.

In some tony spots, we’re told, those who are known are allowed to smoke, in others the grace is allowed to anyone who can afford nineteen dollar cocktails. Mere pubs, and members of the working class, as always receive no mention at Page Six, but fear not, wage earners, our many friends in New York assure us they have found a plenitude of affordable eateries and watering holes where defiance of the ban is equally “in.”

Defy, always and everywhere, spit on these laws, smoke proud and smoke plenty, right in Anti’s face.



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