Way to go, India! In spite of the weak attempt of the article to bestow on the reader the fraudulent information that smoking “kills” some 900,000 people a year (not even one, of course, can be proven to be killed by smoking) and in spite of the effort to equate smoking with urinating in the street as antisocial behaviour when, in reality, antismoking is the actual antisocial behaviour; finally, in spite of the picture that shows a guard forced by a civilian antismoking activist to do sit-ups for allowing a smoker to exercise his right indoors (the guard must be pretty dumb indeed!), the news is seeping through: Indians ignore the fascist, fraud-based smoking ban all over India. “Many Indians said they doubt the smoking ban will fare much better than similar such measures preceding it. ‘The anti-smoking law is actually already dead. Forget about the long run, it won’t even be effective in the short run. Everyone is smoking everywhere,’ said Sai Ram, 58, a businessman. Referring to the recent increase in bombings across the country, Ram added: ‘The police are not able to stop the terrorists, so will they really be able to control smokers?’ "

Very wise words: the police have real criminals to catch, never mind criminals fabricated by criminals.

Con man ideologue Health Minister Ramadoss (who now wants to ban alcohol too, click here or here for stored copy) continues to spit the passive smoke fraud, and hopes that people will be "self-policing" — that is, abuse each other and spy on each other. The minister of "health" forgets that he does not live in the Soviet Union, although he would like so much that India could "evolve" into something like that… in the name of "health", of course!

Now try this for a sad chuckle — and please note the catastrophic tones: "A study on smoking in India released this year found that the country is in the grips of an epidemic that is likely to cause nearly a million deaths a year by 2010, including those of one in five men ages 30 to 69. There are 120 million smokers in India, half of them younger than 30, the study found. "

Frauds within frauds within frauds. From what the article says, the prevalence of smoking in India is higher than in less intelligent countries. In those countries the official percentage of smoking population is 21-25%, depending on local lies. That is because, in reality, the number of smokers cannot be counted. Even at those rates, since India has one billion inhabitants, the number of smokers must be around 250 millions, and probably well over 300; but in this case the antismoking cons want to show that smokers are a tiny minority for propaganda reasons.

Let’s see some good news: " ‘While traveling by bus, I told some youths to stop smoking as a ban was in place,’ said Kesummal Israni, a gray-haired toyshop owner. ‘They told me to keep quiet and mind my own business.’" Nice. Exactly what should be done — and complete with enforcement when necessary.

Try this other good news, which is better yet: "Even as smoking rates decline in many countries, sales of tobacco products in India continue to rise. An estimated 102 billion cigarettes are sold there every year." Indians are obviously an intelligent people.

Now to the amusing part. The figures enunciated are totally absurd. In fact, assuming as true that there are 120 million smokers in India, and given the standard hypothesis that a smoker smokes 20 cigs a day, then the number of cigarettes produced must be (120 million smokers x 20 cigs smoked/day x 365 days) = 876 billion per year – a far cry from the 102 billion stated. Conversely, if the stated number of cigarettes produced is true, then the number of smokers in India must be (102 billion : 20 cig smoked/day : 365 days) = 13,972,602 smokers, which certainly does not square with the 120 million declared!

Hence the umpteenth demonstration that, when it comes to smoking, all figures are a gross fraud picked out of the hat by criminal authorities and copy/pasted by irresponsible, ignorant media who passively report the words of those crooks without ever thinking — or even checking the math. Please note that we are talking about the Washington Post here, not your local parishioners’ rag. The whole idea is to con people with big numbers, meant to instigate fear and justify oppression so that people, pushed by those fears, accept the fascist measures of public health along with its political control.

… But what are we doing arguing on the criminal public health propaganda?… Way to go, Indian smokers! Smoke – right in their face, and just make sure that the smoke does not miss them. Better yet, lock the antismoking bastards in rooms and smoke like there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry, you are not going to hurt them, unfortunately – but for sure you are going to make them spit the venom that, like most serpents, they naturally hold inside.



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