Since the smoking ban appeared in Great Britain a long-prevailing dicrease of smoking rates has, according to British Gestapo Headquarters (at the National Health Service), been reversed. We take a second look at provocative reports from December. Newspaper link is at bottom this page.

Our regular readers will get a kick out of the sidebar (reprinted from the original Daily Mail article here at right) admitting that an increase in smoking following ban imposition is internationally typical. Note well, as the news report typically fails to do, that an inscrutable but clearly burgeoning black market suggests that smoking is in reality increasing far more than is measured.

The punch line appears at the end of the Mail piece as delivered by a Reich spokesman: “The legislation was never intended to be a measure to reduce smoking prevalence.”

Nobody can lie like a Nazi does. Smoking ban proponents positively inundated us all with promises that prohibition would markedly decrease smoking prevalence, a plain fact the Mail article itself admits, while using the soft pedal (“It had been hoped …”).

Hope springs its biggest hoot at the end of the depicted sidebar passage. By way of sycophantic desperation, we see a dredging up of the “Scottish Miracle” study, propounded by the Mail writers as “evidence” of the still-remaining sanctity of the smoker pogrom.

The Scottish study by Jill Pell, a clone of the Stanton Glantz “Helena Miracle” study and others of the same ludicrous kind, stands now famously among the most putrid examples of junk science ever perpetrated. Of course, as we’ve repeatedly reminded, the more foetid the research, the more it gets venerated, by the Nazis and their brainlessly goose-stepping media lackeys.

Our Nazi readers are invited to explain to themselves why heart disease rates are up in Scotland since its ban appeared, and in fact are fluctuating normally throughout Britain and globally, everywhere there’s a ban and everywhere there isn’t: concurrently, incidentally, with commonly increasing smoking rates worldwide.

Our Nazi readers are further invited to go straight to Hell. Your trajectory is naturally assured but we shall exploit every means at hand to speed you on your way. At the same time, we shall all continue smoking more, and blowing it straight into your noses. You are going to breathe nothing but smoke for eternity. Get used to it now.

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