“Smoke wherever you want”, “Don’t pay fines”, “Labor MK forms pro-smoking lobby in Knesset”. Israel is buzzing with positive activity against smoking prohibition and against “public health’s” institutional frauds on smoking.

What you see above looks like something we at FORCES would tell you but it is actually taken from Israeli newspapers. We know some call us "extremist." All along we have been realists. We don’t care who smokes. We don’t care what you eat or drink or how you socialize, where you go or what you do, with whom. We want you to be able to make your most personal choices in a free and rational way in a free and rational society. Those who oppose us oppose that. They are the frightened and frightening who feel and insist they must control. They cannot tolerate choice. They are gravely dangerous and disastrously empowered ideologues who must be defeated to restore our freedom and dignity. This is a hard reality. Good people all over are coming to face it. Everywhere in the world, this seems to be happening: smokers and their wise friends are organizing to defeat and destroy antitobacco. Yes, it’s quite true, the entire movement is still at the embryonic stage, but some fundamental things seem finally to be understood – for example:

Don’t waste any time writing petitions to the “authorities”: they will use them as toilet paper. Their healthist ideology prevents them from accepting that “public health” policies must be part of the democratic process. Thus the will of the people – whether minorities or majorities – is utterly irrelevant to them.
Don’t waste any time with the mass-media: they simplistically fawn on the ministries of “health” and are deeply beholden to their pharmaceutical advertisers. The typical mass-media sources see it as their job to convince the masses (and the smokers themselves) that smokers are a sick, shrinking minority begging for “therapy” and “help”, so that the “smoke-free” imposition will be fully realised and accepted. Mass-media rarely investigates healthist ideology, but rather fosters it, and protects it from criticism. The mass-media are essentially mouthpieces for “public health” propaganda. They are not to be believed.
Don’t waste any time arguing with antitobacco operatives of any denomination about anything they say. You know that they lie each time they move their lips. One more lie will not make any difference. Their favorite phrase is, "The debate is over." Indeed it is as far as they are concerned. Reason will return to societies when paranoid and fascistic elements are forcibly removed from positions of power and fully disgraced in the public eye.

To underscore: don’t bother trying to convince those who have already embraced the radical healthist ideology: this would be equivalent to convincing a Nazi that Jews and blacks are decent people. Healthists have a mental architecture geared to paternalistic authoritarianism. They have to be perceived as opponents. They are not partners for conversation.


Focus energies in the political and financial consolidation of local and international smokers’ movements.
Refuse participation at media events where smokers can be manipulated to make antismoker activists and “health authorities” look good. “Bad exposure is better than no exposure” may be good for glamourous celebrities, but it is wrong in the case of smokers’ rights advocates, if they want to establish the perception of themselves as consumers and citizens with rights, instead of addicts with needs for “therapies”. The vilification of smokers is the most joyously pursued objective of “public health” and the media will enthusiastically humiliate any smoker who lets himself be used this way.
Constitute political bodies and parties that can effectively protect the interest of smokers and damage, delay, alter, and destroy antismoking policies while discrediting corrupt health “authorities” and their political supporters.
Organize ever-growing and systematic disobedience of the bans, making it too expensive and too impractical to enforce them. That is a very devastating weapon which must be fully developed and appropriately used.
Educate the public on healthist fabrications regarding both active and passive smoking, and on the fallacies of questionnaire-based multifactorial epidemiology in general. As it was in the era of eugenics, pseudo-science has become the basis for public health policies, a grave disaster. Inject the concept that “public health” authorities are political bodies that must be accountable to the public with truly scientific demonstrations of their assertions as opposed to their “authoritative” say.
Create a political, scientific and cultural environment that abhors the pharmaceutical industry’s interests as it currently does those of the tobacco industry. Disseminate the reduction of the figure of the doctor to the same realistic importance of that of a lawyer or an engineer, rather than that of a semi-sacred, feathered healer of the 21st century. Healthist ideology uses the medical class as a capillary instrument for spreading its ideology, because of that exaggerated perception of “credibility”.
Straighten up the reversed priorities and principles of “public health” and healthism, so that economics, personal, and constitutional liberties – along with institutional integrity – prevail over (and do not succumb to) the concept of personal health, which is a natural consequence of those economics and liberties, and cannot be a dictated condition contrived to achieve them.

These articles from Israel and Turkey (stored piece here) are not the only indicators of this focalization. Recent episodes in Germany and England and France, that have seen the unprecedented participation of a large number of people, clearly indicate the birth of a solid, anti-healthist movement. It is high time to clean up the social environment. Technocracy is an evil. Decent societies value diversity, and harmony, amidst freedom. Indecent and divisive elements deserve and must receive disgrace.

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