Some people are heroes even if they dont realize it. We read that in Texas a smoker has been arrested for smoking. “Brian Wayne Hendrix … was arrested and jailed on an outstanding warrant for smoking in a public place — a bar.” Mr. Hendrix says he was “flabbergasted”. But why? Didnt he know that Texas, as other states did, made the passive smoking fraud a state law? And a law is a law, isn’t it?…

We hope that his arrest will motivate Mr. Hendrix’s to defy the ban everywhere, and that he will join the ranks of those who want to destroy health fascism and “public health” institutional corruption, rather than joining those who succumb to the law in astonishment and fear. The times when you could drive your big convertible on the dusty roads of Texas without being encased in a safety belt, with a smoke between your lips and a can of beer on your dashboard are begging to come back. That is the America we want – and we’ll get it back, along with the dancing baby – and the banning of zealots.


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