The smokers’ rights rally took place Saturday. The court hearing involving the Minnesota Department of Health versus Bullseye Saloon takes place today. Minnesotan activists are fighting and will keep fighting.
The Minnesota Department of Health is seeking a declaration and injunction against the Bullseye Saloon. The Bullseye, along with many other Minnesota night spots, has been holding "Theatre Night," which allows smoking in the performance of plays. Bullseye owner Robert Ripley will face the MDH in court today, May 6, 2008. On Saturday the 3rd of May Robert held another Theatre Night (play title: The Unconstitutional Ban) as a Smokers’ Rights Rally. The 4-on-the-Floor band appeared gratis, activist Sheila Kromer read a statement from Mark Benjamin, one of Robert’s lawyers, and a very good time was had by all. The authorities did not interfere. We’ll report on the court hearing as soon as news arrives.

Click for text of Mark Benjamin’s statement to attendees at the smokers’ rights rally: "The Bullseye Address"

Click for: Video of the smokers’ rights rally

Please donate to Robert Ripley’s defense fund. One hundred per cent of your donation will go to legal fees as all administrative costs are covered by the activists themselves. Make out your check to the Tavern League of Minnesota with the notation (memo) "Legal Defense Fund." Send to:

Tavern League of Minnesota
Attn: Kenn Rockler
235 East Roselawn, Suite 17
Maplewood, MN 55117

You can also donate using credit cards by visiting:



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