So reads the headline of a newspaper piece by a hysteric named Gordon J. Rafool, MD. The foolish doctor reacts to abysmal anti-science recently published by the New England Journal of Medicine. As we’ve reported over time, the stinking odor of this statistical offal from Scotland was already known worldwide, before the NEJM chose to give it still wider circulation. Panicked reactions such as that of Doctor Rafool are the exact objective of such publication.

We link to Rafool’s ravings below. A sample here: “Most smokers are incensed by legislation that tells them they cannot smoke in public places. Some will even cheat and smoke anyway. Some believe that it is their right to smoke anywhere they wish at any time they wish. This is not true. It is not only illegal, it is immoral. They are subjecting innocents to life-threatening illnesses. This holds true for anyone who is exposed to cigarette smoking, especially children.”

Of course you have and will hear much the same from trembling idiots everywhere these days. Antismoking is achieving its objectives, that’s the bad news. Rafool incidentally refers to the NEJM as “a leading medical magazine.” The pity is he’s right about that, and this is one big part, of a very big problem. On the other hand there are ever more of us now, within and without the sciences, who intend to fix this. Pseudo-science has reigned before. It has also been dethroned before. It shall be again. Our objective is the total disgrace of leading medical “authorities,” just exactly what they’ve got coming, and we promise you, we shall achieve our objective.

Dr. Rafool calls smokers immoral. He is immoral because he instigates hatred. He is illegal because he cons the public with false information. The day will come when his immoral behaviour will be punished by law because morality and truth will return to institutions. That will be the time of the fall of the Therapuetic State. We’ll smoke a cigar in his face to celebrate that, before delivering him to the prison guards. And that’s the good news.



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