Pleas and limp resistance to sadistic anti-smoking are pathetic indeed. This article from the Daily News of Lufkin, Texas, notes that statistical pseudo-science about smoking was fostered in Nazi Germany, with Hitler himself at the forefront in creating a smoker pogrom. Today, we’re told, antitobacco is outdoing the Nazis of old in promoting hate and oppression.

At particular issue is a smoking ban in Lufkin city parks. The local Nazi is quoted to the effect that smokers are intolerably toxic molesters of children, that the very sight of smokers must be banned, everywhere at every time, and that there is no need for any debate or delay whatsoever, since smoker pigs have no rights whatsoever.

A smoker “stands up” against this. He tells us he blames his parents for his development of a love of smoking that he hates to admit to. He says it’s “just ridiculous” that smokers are not left at peace anywhere, and wonders, “Is it going to be that you can’t smoke anywhere except in your own house or car? It started in restaurants and then went to the parks. Where is this thing headed?”

If he read more he would know that bans in one’s own home and car are also proliferating. If he thought more about a society which has adopted, as he describes it, “Adolf Hitler’s anti-smoking sentiment,” he might realize that the “action” he’s taking, buying his cigarettes from the next county over, shall be less than spectacularly effective.

His problem is the same as that of a Daily News reader who comments below the main story: “I don’t mind not smoking when I go out to eat, or when I am shopping, or inside any public place for that matter. I don’t mind at all. But, when you start telling me that out in the wide open space I can’t smoke, you have gone too far.”

The problem with these people is that they took it. From Nazis. That means they now will have to keep taking it, and taking it, until they wise up to the need to destroy hateful and oppressive ideology. Only then will societal sanity and dignity return. Spineless, apologetic, pleading smokers adopt the role of the pig assigned to them by their sadistic masters.

Fascist sadism is not “just ridiculous.” It’s evil. “Where is this thing headed?” It’s already gone far beyond the next county over. It’s gone straight to Hell. Bringing it back is going to be more than a struggle. This is a war.



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