Jon Hemminghaus has got the right idea.
He’s not in the hospitality business and he doesn’t smoke. The Illinois prohibition most likely wouldn’t even affect his fiberglass and gelcoat repair business in West Frankfort but he is taking a stand by placing a large sign in front of his shop declaring his constitutional right to allow legal activities to take place on property that he owns.


Could it get any more eloquent than that?

Forget about the institutional fraud. Forget about trying to compromise with the tyrants. Forget about the junk science and the corrupt anti-tobacco organizations and big-pharma and the politicians-for-hire and “leveling the playing field” and the lawyers and the judges and the non-existent “right to breathe clean air” bullshit.

Attempting to reason with these Nazis is about as productive as chatting with a coiled viper. On the other hand, putting Jon’s sign in front of tens of thousands of businesses, hospitality or not, across the country, and following through with its simple message, would end this dark age of intolerance and discrimination within weeks … if not days.

"Smoking policy" has come to mean "prohibition and hate." Reason and decency are long forgotten. They are not up for negotiation. We know that now. We’ve known it for some time. We’ve “compromised” ourselves into having to sneak a smoke behind the shed in the back yard. We the people are going to have to take back what has been taken from us and Mr. Hemminghaus is showing us the way.

Jon speaks well and plainly: “It doesn’t hurt to let people know where I stand … If everybody would stick together, we could stop them.”



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