France is not exempt from the economic devastation caused by smoking bans. This piece from the politically correct New York Times reports on the leveling effect that the prohibition of the right to smoke is having in France, further aggravating an already precarious general financial situation that goes with the times.

Curiously, the politically correct rag does not even remind us of the invented numbers about the tobacco mortality that does not exist, but reports the situation as it is. Financial destruction is the product that corrupt authorities, using fraudulent science and Nazi ideology, are delivering.

The Café in France is like the pub in England: it is the centre of social activity, the heart of the community – and that is exactly what the cultural engineers of public health want to destroy, because scattered people without a focus are easier to control, punish, bamboozle and condition into false beliefs.

Here are some quotes from the article:

“We need the café to have an equilibrium between the village and the world outside,” Mr. Perrey said. “Without the café, you lose the conviviality. You lose your mates. Business agreements are made behind the zinc” of the bar.

“We have to be very careful,” Mr. Perrey continued. “If we standardize everything in France, and we study everything, and forbid everything, we destroy respect for our culture. We need to preserve the café bar. What is a village but a café, a school, a pharmacy, a bakery and a city hall?”

… In Paris, Mr. Picolet, of Aux Amis du Beaujolais, said simply: "The bar-cafés? They’re finished. Twenty years ago, people would go in the morning before work for a coffee and a cigarette. And now, it’s over. Young people don’t drink during the day, and when they drink, they drink to get wasted. Smoking is forbidden and they eat en route, with coffee in a paper cup. They smoke and drink at home.”



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