No stone is left unturned by the trashy antismoking propaganda. Not only has the Irish smoking ban cleared’ the air from the non existent dangers, but it has even improved musical instruments!

“When there is no punishment all become crooks” is a wise old proverb, and here antismoking “doctors” transform themselves in musical instrument experts interviewing presumably only non smoking instrument makers to “prove” that the “dirt” in passive smoking is such that it even makes instruments lose their pitch.

You do not know this, but the instruments of all the greatest musicians of the 20th century were actually made out of pitch because of smoking, ask the “doctors”!

What these con artists want us to believe is that banning smoking improves the quality of life in every detail, and they have the studies to back it up! And, as they know that they are not to be punished, they make up one literally every day.

But the point stands: every sane person must refuse antismoking deception as a culture, no matter the cost. Light up a cigarette, pop into Louis Armstrong into your CD player, just for example, and see what a smoker with a “sooty” trumpet can do in an antismoking-free locale – and remember liberty: that was a quality of life!

On a practical matter why would these doctors waste public money on a study such as this? What are they trying to prove? These types of bizzare studies were publised before in the former East Block countries before the Berlin wall fell. The rulers there allowed all sorts of studies to be publised when communism started to malfunction. Somethings broken now and it is the trust that the public has in their government. The nonsense coming out of Ireland, no matter whether the citizen is smoker or not, can only alienate the populace even further.



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