A Kansas House panel says it wants more information before considering a state-wide smoking ban. A Kansas City Star editorialist is appalled! The weepy journalist tells us: "Hundreds of cities, 35 states and entire countries have had more than enough information about the evils of smoking to pass smoke-free laws." He sees no reason not to goose-step along. He can’t imagine any reason to pause for, of all things, giving the matter thought. He is a classic Anti.

Could there be any use in even attempting to explain to such a hopelessly indoctrinated drone about the fanaticism, the junk science, the institutional corruption that lies behind smoking bans? Could he possibly understand the harm of violating property rights, disrupting economy, and attacking social harmony? No, this is clearly an Anti, for whom banning is a natural trait, and a devotion.

He notes the spread of oppression. He applauds and insists all must applaud. It would do no good to explain to him any history of unfair, discriminating, illogical, inhuman, beastly laws that various societies adopted and later repealed. He wouldn’t get it.

You could cite slavery, or perhaps the feeding of Christians to the lions, or remind him of eugenics and the Holocaust, or a thousand other persecutions of the past. You could jog his memory about the Inquisition, or any puritanical crusade, of the failure of alcohol Prohibition, and the “war on drugs.” You could talk yourself blue. Don’t bother. He is an Anti. He loves bans. It’s as simple as that because he’s as simple as that.

Brainless and hateful ideology is the terrible epidemic in today’s “politically correct” society. It’s a disease that does not respond to talk therapy. It needs to be radically and thoroughly purged. Make no mistake about it. This is war. Kudos to the Kansas House Panel members for killing the smoking ban. Anti will be back, though, in Kansas as everywhere. The war is far from over. Help us to fight it.



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