We are truly running out of ways to say ‘I told you so,’ so we’ll say nothing. The standard news is that businesses are hurt by smoking bans.

The good news is that more and more smokers understand what they have to do: stay home and don’t patronize places where you cannot exercise your right to smoke. The unfortunate victims caught in the middle are the pub owners.

On the other hand, smokers are victims of an epidemiological fraud – that on passive smoking "dangers" that are not there – and of a criminal political philosophy implemented by governments and instigated by dishonest medical associations that misuse their authority to push ideology and fraud.

Want to help the economy and the cause of liberty? Put the con men in jail, lift the bans, and let people decide: a simple but effective recipe.

In the meantime, we smoke and drink at home.

Just by the way, where are all those non-smokers who – poor souls – were so bothered by "deadly" secondhand smoke that they did not dare to go to pubs, according to the antismoking cons of "public health"? Why don’t they go now? Very simple: they never existed. As long as institutions are rotten, they will keep on deceiving.



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