If you thought severe economic damage from smoking bans was anything less than universal read the news from Hong Kong.

Forty per cent of Hong Kong restaurants report declines in patronage. That rises to one hundred per cent for karaoke bars. Anthony Lock, managing director of karaoke group California Red Ltd., explains that smoking customers (formerly his most lucrative clientèle) have fled to Macao or to the mainland. All other industry reports are similar.

Of course the local anti-smoking group – who should know better? – says industry spokesmen must be mad. They say reports from California and New York have proven that both non-smokers and smokers love bans and go out and spend more when the bans come.

The anti-smoking soldiers may even believe this. They are mind-numbed cultists after all. Anti-smoker statistics, typically including retail liquor store and restaurant take-out growth, are specifically designed to mask hospitality industry declines in the wake of bans. It’s a consistent trick used worldwide.

As in California, in New York, in Ireland, in so many places now, Hong Kong’s night life is being killed. It’s based on the ETS fraud and the concomitant frauds of the Healthist cult. The promoters of this deceit deserve public disgrace and just punishment. When enough people have enough pride to fight back, the fraud can end, and the fraudsters can be dealt their due. Help us make it happen.



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