I am in the process of archiving Smoking Ban Ordinances from around our nation.

Archiving of these ordinances is a right and proper activity. It is of crucial importance in relation to the history of our nation, as the people of our nation must know exactly who took away their property rights and in many cases, legislated them out of business. A smoking ban on one’s own personal or business property violates all we hold dear with regard to freedom and free enterprise.

Here is the first ordinance for our "Hall of Shame," from Aiken County, North Augusta, South Carolina’s recently enacted Ordinance No. 2008-10. Each week I will post one from my archives.

My presentation includes in all cases the Ordinance itself, the photos of the Council people involved and who voted yea and who voted nay. Those who voted yea will normally be highlighted on one side of the page, and those who voted nay, on the other.

In the case of North Augusta, after many amendments, the vote was unanimous.


Look at these seven people and know that it was they who legislated property rights out of existence in their South Carolina county.

Here are the minutes of the July 21st meeting, in which more people spoke against the passage of this ordinance than in favor of it:


The "representatives" shoved the oppression through anyway. Then a certain Councilwoman Baggott had the nerve to e-mail us that 99% of the people in North Augusta wanted this ban. Liar.

http://www.sccleanair.org/contact.html This link is to Dan Carrigan, Program Director of a smoke free action group, who was present at the meeting as indicated in the Minutes.

http://www.sccleanair.org/about/funding.htmlThis link explains how SC anti-tobacco operatives are funded by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the involuntary contribution of American taxpayers.



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