This lie is continuously repeated by the compulsive liars of anti-tobacco and spread by their media lackeys but the ugly reality is so enormous that it cannot be kept hidden.
The truth is that the damage, in England, has exceeded even our darkest forecast, and the two articles at the bottom sum up clearly the consequences of this law that is based on a clear epidemiological fraud knowingly circulated by “public health” institutions – that is, that passive smoking damages health.

The mental architecture of “health-minded authorities” and “activists” is geared to fraud and denial. Nothing they say is to be believed. The umpteenth proof is the propaganda – orchestrated centrally by the gangsters of the World Health Organization and its pharmaceutical partners (should we say owners?…) – that smoking bans do not damage the economy, but actually improve it!

The absolute opposite is true everywhere in the world. In the United States where it all began, from Minnesota to Texas, from New York to California, smoking bans spell economic devastation. The relationship is predictable to the point of being automatic. Take the case of the Pasadena, Texas establishments, for example, where smoking is back and so is business (stored copy here).

The effort of the “public health” criminals is to “make it difficult” for smokers to smoke – in actuality persecuting them everywhere – so that smokers quit a habit that is so “deadly” that not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking. Be that as it may, the only result that “public health” achieves is economic damage – not that the “authorities” care, however, as they blandly trust that “the economy will adjust”.

It will not. Smokers are doing exactly what they should: boycotting the businesses that are victims of the smoking bans. Is that wrong, punishing the victims because we cannot get at the bastards sitting on the chairs of "public health" institutions? Not really: in many areas, the morons of the hospitality industry invoke the “level playing field”, so that smoking is forbidden everywhere and the smokers, with all choice removed, will “get used to it” and go back to the locales again, accepting to go outside to smoke like whores. Well, we do choose, to deny our business.

Equality under oppression is the justice of the loser. While some smokers accept humiliation because they buy the fraudulent package that "smoking is bad", more of them have dignity and principles (as well as intelligence), so do not patronize viciously inspired prohibition. Good on them. Perhaps the hospitality industry victims should go to the “public health” fraudsters and demand a refund for the millions lost thanks to an epidemiological fraud. The “authorities” of course would give them the heave-ho. At some point righteous indignation may produce predictable reactions – like turning cars upside down. That would be good also. Whatever it takes is what must come.

Link to article one from the Sunday Mirror (stored copy here)
Link to Article two from the Publican (stored copy here)



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