If the methods of antismoking researchers are to be respected smoking bans must be rescinded to save lives.


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We’ve reported a number of times on the “Scotland miracle” farce. Ludicrous cherry-picking amongst statistics, of a sort Stanton Glantz teaches, was used by a researcher named Jill Pell to suggest that smoking bans cured heart disease, specifically reducing acute cardiac syndrome (ACS) hospital admissions in Scotland.

This was transparent nonsense. Heart attack and specific ACS hospital admissions had been in decline for many years, anyway, since long before smoking bans were ever thought of, and Pell’s cherry numbers glaringly did not square with statistics as they have normally been collected by health agencies.

Also following the Glantz template, Pell issued an alarm via press release, which alarm was immediately rung by media ninnies worldwide. The patent daffiness of the Pell report was, surprisingly, shortly thereafter detected and reported (at least a bit) by mainstream media.

Unsurprisingly, however, this did not discourage the New England Journal of Medicine from giving her propagandistic “research” the debased imprimatur of publication in its pages.

Historian Christopher Snowdon now provides us with an update. Since Pell published her pap, the downward trend in ACS which had held for many years, has in fact reversed. The unusual rise within 2007-2008 more than cancels out the perfectly ordinary decline of 2006-2007, placing ACS admissions not an atom lower but higher now than they were before ban imposition.

Rates of heart ailments, generally in developed nations, peaked about sixty years ago and have declined notably ever since. Pell’s alarm was always ludicrous on its face. The precedent-breaking recent rise in ACS is somewhat surprising, and certainly ironic in its reflection on Pell and her idiotic alarms of the past year, but still consistent with the obvious. Our headline here is a joke on Pell and on all antitobacco nuts who boggle themselves and others with their junk “science.” The plain and simple is that smoking bans have no effect on general health.

There is no evidence from either general heart ailment rates or from the specifics Pell focussed on that smoking bans have any influence on incidence of heart disease. This is true of Scotland or anywhere, as it had to be, logically. The very idea that banning smoking in specific places such as bars could influence heart disease rates is stunningly absurd to any knowledgeable person, except of course, today’s widely esteemed fanatics.

Once again the intrepid Chris Snowdon deserves robust applause. Our loving Anti made her bed in Scotland and now shall have to sleep in it. If not for observant eyes such as Snowdon’s the peace of her repose would surely never be disturbed.

Will drowsy mainstream press take note of this newly abject disconfirmation of the scares so widely and repeatedly reported? Mister Snowdon has nudged them with a press release (stored.) A fuller description of the facts is displayed at Snowdon’s website (stored.)

We know our bug-eyed Anti very well. Pell’s study will keep getting quoted and copied. The Scottish vampire, and the rest of its reeking kind, may finally succumb to a massive and very forceful assault of reason. Help us put the antismoking monster permanently into its grave.



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