As we know, according to the quit-smoking cons every and any means to get smokers to quit smoking is good (for the pharmaceutical industry that pays them off, that is). One of the many legends is that smoking “causes” wrinkles.

The fantasy about smoking Take this site (an example amongst many) that even shows an animation of the “aged non smoker” vs. the “aged smoker” to “demonstrate” that smoking ages you more quickly. We are also displaying the animation here on the right in case the site disappears.
Do not believe that, of course, because everything that the antismoking propaganda says is a lie. These bozos confuse computer-generated speculations based on hypotheses with the crystal ball – a pity that demonstrates that we have not really evolved as a civilization, we have just changed crystal balls.
Now that we are through with fantasy (and crooked ideology), let’s take a look at reality. Let us look at a two week-old picture of Helmut Schmidt, the super-famous German Chancellor who does not have any problem appearing on television shows while smoking a cigarette. This is something that every smoker should learn — that is, not be ashamed of the distinctive habit of smoking.
The reality about smoking Schmidt can smoke up to seven cigarettes in half an hour – quite a record for any smoker!
Schmidt is 88 years old, and that already blasts a hole in yet another popular BS, that of “premature” death. Perfectly lucid and agile thanks to the beneficial effects of nicotine, there is no politically correct antismoker who can corner him with lies and neo-puritanism. Recently Helmut showed us at a German TV station attacking antitobacco and its pile of frauds.
Lastly, take a good look at his face – no plastic surgeon involved! and now ask yourself: does smoking really cause wrinkles? How many non smokers would like to look like that at 88 years of age — if they manage to get there, that is?
So, don’t listen to the “public health” cons and keep on smoking – if you want to look like Helmut when you reach his age!



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